We will use resistance training to increase muscle tissue without making them larger or “bulky”.
Through exercising your cardiovascular system works more efficiently. Which in turn will give you more energy.
If your goal is to lose weight we will analyze what you’re consuming now and make suggestions how to modify your current eating habits so that you can begin to lose weight.
We will incorporate aerobic workouts in your exercise plan in order to keep your heart healthy along with the rest of your body.
Body fat is a better predictor of how efficiently your body is working. A combination of proper nutrition and exercise will assist in modifying your body so that it is a lean efficient machine.
Depending on what your goals are. Whether they are to gain or lose body fat or weight. We can make recommendations that will put you on the proper path.
Whether your goals are purely aesthetic or you just want to be as fit as possible. We have the plan for you.
What’s your sport? We can develop a plan so that you can perform with increased confidence when the whistle blows!
Have you just been discharged from the hospital due to a cardiac episode or received bad news about your heart from your doctor. Along with your medical advisor we can put a plan together that will begin gently and build you back up so that you can continue to live a full life.