Stop!!!! Romanticizing Food

Let’s just get this out there. If you’re concerned about your weight. DON’T ROMANTICIZE FOOD!!!! The two don’t match up!

Remember we’re talking about those who are not happy with their weight.

Romanticizing food can be done several different ways.

Self Talk

If you are going to talk about how gooood something tastes and oooh and aaaah about it, then you are not eating with the right mind frame. If you really are serious about weight loss you shouldn’t care. Now I can appreciate a plate full of something that has different smells and tastes to it. Spices that haven’t been experienced before, I really do appreciate that someone put a lot of time into this as well. But when it comes to weight loss, there is no time for it.

Peer Pressure

Now this can be done in different ways. Family, friends, partners, saboteurs. You’ve heard the dialogue before –

You – I’m really trying to watch what I eat

Friend(?) – Oh just try one. They taste so good! MMMMM

You – No I really shouldn’t

Friend(?) – Oh one won’t hurt you. After all don’t you deserve it? (BTW, no you don’t!!)


Yes these are those trays on carts right inside restaurants and at the end of aisles in our local grocery stores. Manned by the sweetest ladies the store could find. DON’T meet eyes with them you will fall into the abyss and the next thing you’ll know is you’re showing up at the local Costco hitting all of the trays that are out and justifying it by saying “this is how I cut costs at lunch time”. GEEEEZ!!

Food Network

(or any other media that can bombard you with info on DIY culinary) Yes, I know you’re trying to expand your horizons. Here’s the thing. Those folks have all the best equipment, ingredients and background lighting to make these perfect dishes. Aaaand, when someone is trying to quit drinking they don’t go in a bar. Why are you continuing to put food in front of you when you’re trying not to eat as much?!

Making adjustments to your eating regimen can be very difficult. Especially if it is a new behavior that you are trying to adopt. There are a lot of roadblocks to getting around. But the one thing you can control is how you view and relate to food. Now that’s not to say that all of the above should be treated like lifetime taboos. No, on the contrary. Remember we’re talking about when you’re trying to lose weight. If you want to go back to these behaviors once you’ve reached your goals. Then, by all means, go for it. But I caution you to do this carefully. If one or all of these sound like regular routine to you, then maybe that has been one of the many reasons that you struggle with your weight.

And while we’re at it. Really if we’re always eating so that we’re never hungry (one of the reasons for eating 5 times a day). Then aren’t we always eating?!?!?!


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